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Last week we wrote about the exciting range of lightweight e-bikes that were dropping this week, including the Whyte E-Lyte, Specialized Kenevo SL and Orange Phase Evo.   Technology is moving on so fast in this area, and we have seen EMTB’s now make up over 70% of new bike sales over the last 12 months. But are they all that they are hyped up to be?
Pivot Bike on Snowdon Summit
The Yr Wyddfa Challenge  
On Monday, a few of us went to ride Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon). It is one of the best big days mountain bike riding you can do in the UK.  We rode the classic route, up from Llanberis to the summit, down the Snowdon ranger, and back over Telegraph valley, and we did it on e-bikes for the first time.   Why did we choose e-mtbs?   They are a great leveller, meaning we could all ride up very close together by using different power modes. The forecast was pretty grim, so e-bikes meant we weren’t out in the bad weather on the mountain as long We were greedy.   If we were driving all the way to North Wales, we wanted to squeeze a couple of different riding spots into our day!  It really was a truly epic day out on the bike… The Results   E-bikes are so capable now, they took everything the Snowdon ranger could throw at them – It really was a truly epic day out on the bike!   The 750Wh batteries on our bikes also meant we were able to ride a few hours of sneaky off piste over in the Gwydir Forest in the afternoon as well – winning!
Gareth and pals at Snowdon Summit
We are all lucky enough to have the option of both an e-bike and an analog bike, but if you forced me to choose, I would definitely have a lightweight e-bike as my only bike.   It might not be for you, but if you haven’t tried one yet, why not take one out for a demo? We truly believe that you need to ride one to know if it’s for you. We have a range of demo bikes in store. Have a look and book one here.   At the end of the day, anything that gets you riding bikes more is good right?
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