Forbidden Dreadnought Large



Bring out the big guns! The dreadnought is Forbidden bikes enduro racing machine.

170mm up front, with 154mm rear travel, with it’s unique rearward path axle and high pivot point.



Ready to obliterate all that comes before it, the Dreadnought XT is dripping in a wish list of fit-and-forget parts. The 170mm travel Fox 38 FACTORY Grip2 forks are coupled to a custom-tuned Fox X2 Air shock, dishing out 154mm of superbly damped rear-wheel travel. The Trifecta high pivot suspension system boasts a square edge hit destroying 100% rearward wheel path that simultaneously eliminates unwanted and detrimental drivetrain forces. Often imitated but never equalled, our proven One Ride geometry not only delivers a consistent ride experience across the size spectrum but an unrivalled level of balance and composure that truly separates the Dreadnought from the competition. A bike that defies industry categorization, is equally at home in the Alpine, the bike park or between the tape, the Dreadnought XT will blur lines, exceed expectations and come back for more.


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