New Whyte E-Lyte Works 150

We have often said that we will only sell brands that we really believe in, so we thought we would focus our newsletters on some of our personal staff rides from time to time…
Gareth with his Whyte E-Lyte Bike
 Introducing the Whyte E-Lyte 150  

Kicking the ball off we have my new Whyte E-lyte 150 Works. Yes, this is a top spec bike, but there’s got to be some benefits to working in the trade, right?   AND it just so happens that you can test ride THIS BIKE, (the first opportunity to demo it in the UK!), at our demo event on the 2nd and 3rd March.  The Saturday has sold out, but there are still a few slots for Sunday if you are quick.
Learn more & book here.  

Is it enough travel?  

We have seen a trend in recent years for ‘over biking’ – buying a massive long travel machine for the one to two times you’ll actually use it : ) For the UK, I’m a firm believer that you don’t really ever need more than 150/160mm and this is exactly what this machine has.  

That motor : )  

Bosch have taken a little time to enter the lightweight motor market, but we knew that when they did, it was going to be good – but I didn’t expect it would be this good… This feels like a full fat e-bike from a few years ago but without all that extra weight! Talking of weight, this bike weighs 19.6kg as you see it.  Pretty impressive for a size large.

The ride
Whyte have been known for a few years as a brand you would buy with your head, rather than your heart – great value, sublime ride, but not always the most aesthetically pleasing.   The 2024 range has really seen a step change with looks. This is a bike I bought with both my head and my heart!     Ride quality is almost flawless. Initially I thought the reach felt a touch short, but that’s just because the seat ankle is so steep. Drop the saddle, and you really sit very central on the bike, which just fills me with confidence.
Whyte E-Lyte front view
Every bike has to have a few custom features… I just fitted my favourite Burgtec cockpit and pedals (which links well with the British theme of the bike) and switched out the summer tyres for some Assegai’s front and rear in their 3C, EXO+ Max Terra compound. Slighter better suited to the current conditions! Oh, and I’m testing riding the new Raceface grips too, and loving them so far…  
Don’t take my word for it, just come and ride one of these for yourself at our demo weekend on the 2nd/3rd March.   If you miss out, you may be able to bribe me to borrow mine, but only if you can prise my hands off it first…   See you on the trails.
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Our Top UK Riding Spots

The spots we choose to ride our mountain bikes when we can prise ourselves away from the Forest of Dean…

It’s about this time of year, when it’s still wet and dark, that you plan out your next 12 months riding right?  
We’re so spoilt living in the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean that we rarely venture away from all the greatness on our doorstep, but when we do, these are some of our favourite UK spots to hit up…

1) Risca 
Gareth riding at Risca
The riders over at Risca have built some amazing trails around the valley. There are loads of off piste (waymarked now) trails from the Forest Drive at Cwmcarn, and you can be doing laps for days and never get bored.   With that little bit of extra height, and some great soil that drains well all year round, this is a great stop to hit in the winter!   

2) Dyfi
Gareth riding at Dyfi
  Obviously the bike park is epic – racetrack is our personal favourite! But the wider area deserves a mention as well.   Just across the road you have the Climax trail network, and a plethora of off piste riding. Hit up Dave from Bike Corris who is based at the bottom of the trails and a local oracle of bike related knowledge….Oh and he also has some cabins in the area that he rents to mountain bikers too.

3)  Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon)  
Descending Snowdon Ranger
We have to do an annual pilgrimage to Yr Wyddfa. The highest mountain in both Wales and England has some amazing natural riding. We do the classic Llanberis Path to Snowdon Ranger loop.  If you’re not scared of exposure then you could come down the Rhyd Ddu path but this is very full on!   Don’t forget there is a voluntary ban on mountain biking on Snowdon though.Cyclists are asked not to ride to or from the summit of Snowdon between the hours of 10am & 5pm from the 1st of May to the 30th of September.   You’ll also need a proper kit and backpack. This is a proper big mountain, so be prepared!  

4) Golfie
Martin Golfie
The home of mountain biking in Scotland – Innerleithen and Glentress has hosted the World Enduro series for the last x number of years. The Golfie, just outside Inners is home to all the classic off piste tracks like New York, New York, Flat White, No Social, Repeat Offender…. the list goes on.   You definitely need a weekend here this year!  

Yes there are so many more great spots to ride in the UK, but these are just a few that are good enough to prise us away from the FOD!
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No such thing as bad weather, just inappropiate clothing….

“No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”
Alfred Wainwright – 1973  
Seems very adept writing this as I look out the window…..
The weather in the UK is never the kindest to us in terms of riding conditions, particularly in the winter!  
We’ve always said that we would only stock kit that we would wear and use ourselves, and if you see Amy, Martin, Fergus or I out riding this winter, you’ll see this in action.  
So this week, we thought we’d put together a list of some of our winter favourites…
Lady having bike set up in workshop
  1. Patagonia Dirt Roamer Storm Jacket and Trousers  
Let’s face it, you’re going to need full waterproofs here in the UK! Riding also generates lots of heat, so you’ll need a highly breathable, yet fully waterproof technical piece.  This jacket and trousers certainly deliver on that front, and also have full pit zips to be able to dump additional heat.  
Why we like Patagonia:  
Patagonia gear is all produced in a certified fair trade factory, and your money is also going towards combating climate change and protecting under developed land across the world. Yes, their kit is pricey, but it is actually in line with most other outdoor brands like Rab, Rapha etc.  

The cherry on top:
Yes it is an investment, but Patagonia also will repair your kit for free for the lifetime you own it, which we think is worth the money in itself!   

2.Troy Lee Designs Mathias Jacket  
Getting a good winter jacket is a tough balance. You want something to keep you warm, but you also don’t want to overheat!  This TLD jacket is the perfect balance.   It has primaloft gold in the body and back – this synthetic stays warm when wet which is vital. There is no insulation on the arms, which allows you to maintain the right body temperature in most conditions. It also has stretch panels on the side of the body, which allows the jacket to stay put and allow you the freedom of movement on the bike : )   See Gareth test riding the jacket!  
MTB rider riding around a big bend
 100% Brisker Gloves  
These gloves have an insulated back to keep your hands toasty down to freezing temps, with a standard palm, which allows you dexterity and comfort on the bike. Sub zero you may need to slip on an thin under glove, but for the majority of the UK winter, these are perfect. The best bit – they don’t even break the bank!   

So pop down to the store, and invest in some quality kit to help you make the most of riding this winter.    

Keep Shredding 

Gareth and the Team

20% Off November Sale

Pedal Syndicate presents: PEDAL TRIBE By riders for riders
Night view into shop window during birthday party showing lots of people looking at bikes.
Our 20% of everything sale only goes on until the 30th November, so this is your chance to come down and grab some bargains for Christmas.  
We know at this time of year that the online retailers start gearing up for massive sales to get you to spend all your money with them.
And the little old independent traders all suffer and don’t see any of your hard earned cash!  
So while we don’t have the margins to offer some of the massive discounts you start seeing online, we want to say thank you for supporting us and give you a reason to come spend some of your money with us…  
That’s why you get 20% off everything in stock until the end of November in our amazing little shop.   20% allows us to still make a little something to pay the bills and keep the lights on, while still offering you some amazing discounts on some cracking gear…
Patagonia jackets
Seasonal Wear: Need a warm winter jacket? Check out the Patagonia range with 20% off, and you can’t beat their eco credentials or quality of their kit.  
Protection: Is your helmet more than 3 years old? Probably time to replace it then, with at least 20% off TLD, Smith and Specialized lids.
Troy Lee Helmets in Sale
New Bikes:  And it includes 20% off all new bikes not already on sale too! Including the new Transition Relay, Pivot Shuttle, Specialized Kenveo SL and Levo SL. We will always do our best to price match any bike prices you see online too, so just ask if you see something you like…  

Shiny bits? Time to upgrade the bike with some bling Burgtec bits?   Feel free to share with your friends too, it would be great to welcome them to our store too!
Burgtec accessories in sale
Hope to see you all soon!

The new Yeti E-bike

Hey folks,

This week we got invited to ride the new Yeti 160E over at some of our favourite trails in Risca, and I admit,  I was very excited at the prospect!  

The back story: Yeti is a brand with some real heritage. Back in 1985, as the sport was in its infancy, Yeti were producing some “no frills” bikes for core riders.   Over the years Yeti has developed into one of the most widely recognised race teams in mountain bike history, known for fielding such greats as Juli Furtado, John Tomac, Miles Rockwell and Missy Giove to name a few. Numerous World and National Championship titles have followed and those names have gone on to become legends of the sport. Most recently we’ve seen Ritchie Rude dominate the World Enduro series, so they certainly know how to build a rocket ship of a bike!
New Yeti e-bike
  The new e-bike:  This new e-bike has the updated Shimano EP8 01 motor, with 85Nm of torque and more power too, but the main thing is the ride quality of the bike. It is literally insane!   I have ridden so many e-bikes, but the suspension, ride quality and way this model both carries speed and carves corners, really is next level.  

The icing on top: The best bit – they have reduced the price, so the model we rode with factory suspension and the new motor is now under £9k, rather than £12.5k for last years model.   Can’t quite afford that? Our ex-demo medium bike is available at £7,499 saving 40% on the original RRP!  

More steals:  There are also some steals of a deal to be had on the amazing Arc hardtail saving 25% to make it just £3,449 or the 2022 SB-140 27.5 at £3,985 saving 40% too!   Now go get some weekend shredding in : )

Top Winter Riding Tips 

So it’s finally here……the long nights, wet weather and sloppy trails! Winter riding can be some of the best fun you have on your bike too.
Here are some of our top tips to enjoy riding this winter:

1. Ride with a group/friends

If the weather is crap, it is oh so easy to sack off going riding. Once you’ve committed to riding with a friend or a group it’s much harder to drop out!
So message one of your friends or join a group ride and commit to getting out whatever the weather!

2. Ride at Night

Yes it gets dark early, but night riding is soo much fun! Proper night lights are a bit of an expense, and we would recommend having both a helmet light and a bar mounted light, but once you have a set, they will last for many years of fun.

I still have my exposure Maxx D Mk2. Exposure are now on mark 12 or 13, so that bar light has given me over 10 years of riding fun!!!!!

If you are worried about getting lost, or don’t fancy riding on your own, Wye MTB do a monthly evening shop ride from Pedalabikeaway, so you can regularly ride with like minded people. Find out more here!

3. Fit a Grippy front tyre

Get a specialist front tyre for that winter slop! It will be a bit draggy, but it will transform your winter riding.
We recommend something with wider spaced nobbles to clear the mud, and a soft compound to smear itself across the trail : )

Some of our favourites are: the Maxxis Shorty, Specialized Hillbilly or the Continental Arogotal.
If you are more of a trail or XC rider, the new Maxxis Forecaster is also a great shout.

4. Get a Front Mudguard

They don’t look cool, but front mudguards are a must when it comes to winter riding. They keep the majority of mud out your eyes and face, and allow you to focus on finding grip!

You don’t have to spend the earth either – bring this e-mail into the shop and we will give you a FREE Pedal Syndicate mudguard to zip tie to your fork!

Bigger is definitely better here though, so check out the RRP or Mudhugger mud guards if you want more comprehensive coverage.

5. Wear riding trousers (and waterproof socks)

Riding trousers are great for winter riding!
Not only can you just strip off your trousers when you’ve finished and not be covered in mud, but when combined with a waterproof sock, they stop your feet getting wet too.
The water can’t spray over the top of the sock (the one downside with waterproof socks and shorts) leaving your feet nice and dry and keeping a smile on your face!

6. Layer up

Multiple layers are much better. Not only do they transfer the sweat away from your body, you can regulate your own temperature by taking off or adding layers as required.

In winter we roll with a Merino wool base layer (this is a magic material) long sleeve top and then outer layer. Our favourite outer layers are the Patagonia Houdini for Autumn or the new Troy Lee Designs Primaloft Mathis for those really chilly days, or the Dirt Roamer Storm for those wet days.

Now get out there and enjoy those winter rides!


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