New Whyte E-Lyte Works 150

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We have often said that we will only sell brands that we really believe in, so we thought we would focus our newsletters on some of our personal staff rides from time to time…
Gareth with his Whyte E-Lyte Bike
 Introducing the Whyte E-Lyte 150  

Kicking the ball off we have my new Whyte E-lyte 150 Works. Yes, this is a top spec bike, but there’s got to be some benefits to working in the trade, right?   AND it just so happens that you can test ride THIS BIKE, (the first opportunity to demo it in the UK!), at our demo event on the 2nd and 3rd March.  The Saturday has sold out, but there are still a few slots for Sunday if you are quick.
Learn more & book here.  

Is it enough travel?  

We have seen a trend in recent years for ‘over biking’ – buying a massive long travel machine for the one to two times you’ll actually use it : ) For the UK, I’m a firm believer that you don’t really ever need more than 150/160mm and this is exactly what this machine has.  

That motor : )  

Bosch have taken a little time to enter the lightweight motor market, but we knew that when they did, it was going to be good – but I didn’t expect it would be this good… This feels like a full fat e-bike from a few years ago but without all that extra weight! Talking of weight, this bike weighs 19.6kg as you see it.  Pretty impressive for a size large.

The ride
Whyte have been known for a few years as a brand you would buy with your head, rather than your heart – great value, sublime ride, but not always the most aesthetically pleasing.   The 2024 range has really seen a step change with looks. This is a bike I bought with both my head and my heart!     Ride quality is almost flawless. Initially I thought the reach felt a touch short, but that’s just because the seat ankle is so steep. Drop the saddle, and you really sit very central on the bike, which just fills me with confidence.
Whyte E-Lyte front view
Every bike has to have a few custom features… I just fitted my favourite Burgtec cockpit and pedals (which links well with the British theme of the bike) and switched out the summer tyres for some Assegai’s front and rear in their 3C, EXO+ Max Terra compound. Slighter better suited to the current conditions! Oh, and I’m testing riding the new Raceface grips too, and loving them so far…  
Don’t take my word for it, just come and ride one of these for yourself at our demo weekend on the 2nd/3rd March.   If you miss out, you may be able to bribe me to borrow mine, but only if you can prise my hands off it first…   See you on the trails.
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