October 2023

The new Yeti E-bike

Hey folks,

This week we got invited to ride the new Yeti 160E over at some of our favourite trails in Risca, and I admit,  I was very excited at the prospect!  

The back story: Yeti is a brand with some real heritage. Back in 1985, as the sport was in its infancy, Yeti were producing some “no frills” bikes for core riders.   Over the years Yeti has developed into one of the most widely recognised race teams in mountain bike history, known for fielding such greats as Juli Furtado, John Tomac, Miles Rockwell and Missy Giove to name a few. Numerous World and National Championship titles have followed and those names have gone on to become legends of the sport. Most recently we’ve seen Ritchie Rude dominate the World Enduro series, so they certainly know how to build a rocket ship of a bike!
New Yeti e-bike
  The new e-bike:  This new e-bike has the updated Shimano EP8 01 motor, with 85Nm of torque and more power too, but the main thing is the ride quality of the bike. It is literally insane!   I have ridden so many e-bikes, but the suspension, ride quality and way this model both carries speed and carves corners, really is next level.  

The icing on top: The best bit – they have reduced the price, so the model we rode with factory suspension and the new motor is now under £9k, rather than £12.5k for last years model.   Can’t quite afford that? Our ex-demo medium bike is available at £7,499 saving 40% on the original RRP!  

More steals:  There are also some steals of a deal to be had on the amazing Arc hardtail saving 25% to make it just £3,449 or the 2022 SB-140 27.5 at £3,985 saving 40% too!   Now go get some weekend shredding in : )

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Top Winter Riding Tips 

So it’s finally here……the long nights, wet weather and sloppy trails! Winter riding can be some of the best fun you have on your bike too.
Here are some of our top tips to enjoy riding this winter:

1. Ride with a group/friends

If the weather is crap, it is oh so easy to sack off going riding. Once you’ve committed to riding with a friend or a group it’s much harder to drop out!
So message one of your friends or join a group ride and commit to getting out whatever the weather!

2. Ride at Night

Yes it gets dark early, but night riding is soo much fun! Proper night lights are a bit of an expense, and we would recommend having both a helmet light and a bar mounted light, but once you have a set, they will last for many years of fun.

I still have my exposure Maxx D Mk2. Exposure are now on mark 12 or 13, so that bar light has given me over 10 years of riding fun!!!!!

If you are worried about getting lost, or don’t fancy riding on your own, Wye MTB do a monthly evening shop ride from Pedalabikeaway, so you can regularly ride with like minded people. Find out more here!

3. Fit a Grippy front tyre

Get a specialist front tyre for that winter slop! It will be a bit draggy, but it will transform your winter riding.
We recommend something with wider spaced nobbles to clear the mud, and a soft compound to smear itself across the trail : )

Some of our favourites are: the Maxxis Shorty, Specialized Hillbilly or the Continental Arogotal.
If you are more of a trail or XC rider, the new Maxxis Forecaster is also a great shout.

4. Get a Front Mudguard

They don’t look cool, but front mudguards are a must when it comes to winter riding. They keep the majority of mud out your eyes and face, and allow you to focus on finding grip!

You don’t have to spend the earth either – bring this e-mail into the shop and we will give you a FREE Pedal Syndicate mudguard to zip tie to your fork!

Bigger is definitely better here though, so check out the RRP or Mudhugger mud guards if you want more comprehensive coverage.

5. Wear riding trousers (and waterproof socks)

Riding trousers are great for winter riding!
Not only can you just strip off your trousers when you’ve finished and not be covered in mud, but when combined with a waterproof sock, they stop your feet getting wet too.
The water can’t spray over the top of the sock (the one downside with waterproof socks and shorts) leaving your feet nice and dry and keeping a smile on your face!

6. Layer up

Multiple layers are much better. Not only do they transfer the sweat away from your body, you can regulate your own temperature by taking off or adding layers as required.

In winter we roll with a Merino wool base layer (this is a magic material) long sleeve top and then outer layer. Our favourite outer layers are the Patagonia Houdini for Autumn or the new Troy Lee Designs Primaloft Mathis for those really chilly days, or the Dirt Roamer Storm for those wet days.

Now get out there and enjoy those winter rides!


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